• Today has launched you into 2019 for celebration in Jesus name.
  • The end of the year season is crowned with God’s goodness.
  • Whatever has been elusive since the beginning of this year, between today and tomorrow shall be your season of restoration in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • God will surprise you before the year is over.
  • I decree, no evil shall be traceable to you.
  • You are stepping into your season of dominion with dignity in Jesus name.
  • Whatever has been withheld before now, in the few hours remaining before the year is over, God will visit you.
  • Before you come for the crossover service, God will visit you.
  • Somebody’s business will be visited for good before the end of this year.
  • The help you had been looking for and you thought the year is already over; God will surprise you with that help.


Go in peace. See you in the New Year with your testimonies of dominion in Jesus name.

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