• Where you have been programmed to be this year, between now and this year God will take you there
  • The remaining days of this year will be filled with favor and breakthrough.
  • Someone here your Shiloh testimony begins now
  • As you take off from here you will hear a good news.
  • The alert on your phone from today will put smiles on your face.
  • Everywhere your blessings has been sat upon, from today it shall be unseated.
  • Every door closed against you I decree them open today.
  • Where they have sent you away they will send for you to return.
  • I decree that nations will send for you.
  • This year you will end it with testimony/celebration. In the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I decree that when people are crying for sorrow you will be celebrating with Joy.
  • No member of your family shall be involved in any motor accident.
  • There shall be no loss shall be your portion this period.
  • Your dominion is established and you shall give your testimony.
  • Go and return with your testimony.



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