I was a staff with chevron security department. When Shiloh commenced I left the office and came for Shiloh at the first night. I got a call from the office to resume immediately but I didn’t resume I was still here at Shiloh. The next day at the YOUTH ALIVE section the man of God prophesied that wherever we were rejected before now we will be called back. I didn’t pray about it I just claimed it. Same day my chief security officer called me and told me to consider myself sacked and I told him I was fine with it. The next morning I got a call from a man who asked me to meet him at a particular location. I asked who he was and he introduced himself. I then realized he was one of the Bosses in Chevron. When I got there he told me that he has observed me closely throughout my stay with the company and is impressed with my services and will like to employ me as his personal security. He gave me the sum of #30,000 for me to put myself in order before resuming and also gave me an additional #3000 for transportation. Indeed my dominion has started. Hallelujah.

-Bro S. Preye.

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