Awesome testimony of divine provisions and healing.


I joined this commission in 2011 and since then it has been amazing. Before we joined this commission as a family, at about the end-of-year season, we used to experience stagnation, but for some years now, since we became children of this Commission, that siege has been broken and we have been experiencing abundance at this time of the year for many years now and I have come to thank God for this joyful experience and we now have the privilege of giving to many at this time of year.


Secondly, God in His infinite mercy gave us the privilege of putting up a church, a place of worship in our hometown and today that church is already full and overflowing, and God also has now provided for Himself another eight acres of land.


Also, shortly after Shiloh, I started experiencing rot on three of my toes on my left leg. I was surprised but not afraid. I just went to God saying that the prophetic word for 2018 is still very much valid in my life and I refused to go any hospital. I also engaged in using some of the kingdom mysteries like the communion, believing that the white bread (the body of Jesus) is greater than any bacteria or organism, and also the anointing oil believing that there is no ointment in the world that is more than it. I applied these mysteries on the toes in faith. Also, Pastor’s wife also visited me and looked at the toes and just said thank God for your toes. I said amen and that very soon, I will be on the altar to testify of what God has done. Brethren, as I speak to you today, the toes are dry and are now completely healed. I have come to appreciate God almighty for all these acts of goodness and blessings all through the year. Halleluyah!

Sis. Onyi I.

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